A Tribute to Her

She is a princess to her Father, And the apple of the eyes of her Mother.   Revel she does in being cared for, But all she yearns for, is the world, to conquer.   A world with unexplored options many, Where she isn’t expected to be all clingy.   In 2011, the United Nations... Continue Reading →


The Trail of the Dragon

The eastern world is a myriad of mysteries to those ignorant of it, with its vibrant culture, exotic food and marvellous people. The Orient comprises of the countries of the far east - and out of these mainly Japan and China are home to diverse tastes, styles and traditions. The world without the east would... Continue Reading →


What better way is there to reminesce, than with a collection of poems. Bringing alive the spirit of festember one more time, we proudly present "Sunset".

Hanzo vs Food

To be well known, is to travel. Hanzo realised that he had to start exploring the East, if he were ever to be famous. And long before he knew it, this became a search for the best cuisine. Hanzo began his voyage and set his foot first in the land of the Great Wall. He... Continue Reading →

The Maggot in the Apple – Part 5

I’m following a monster. He had just killed a human being, and is walking away like nothing happened. A boy who wouldn’t even dare to hurt an ant, had taken the life of a man, and doesn’t even care. I can’t believe I’m even following him. His placid bloodlust is so off-putting it makes me... Continue Reading →

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