One Rainy Night – Part III

And he ordered his men to make a dash for the first floor. Jack’s wife was securely bound to the wooden post. As Tan, the head of Roy’s gang made his way to the other side of the room he could feel his blood shooting through his veins, fear running cold through his body and... Continue Reading →

One Rainy Night – Part II

Just as he was about to lift the tile, a sense of doubt crept in. Why had the SUV sped away? As this thought was quickly passing by his mind, the rain had started again, and this time it was as intense as a cyclone. Roy’s shivering hands reached out for his mobile phone. The rain was... Continue Reading →

One Rainy Night – Part I

It was three o’ clock on a Friday night. There was not a soul on the street and there were no working street lights. A black SUV came to a crashing halt just beside house no. 23 on Shippers street. The beastly halt suggested something untoward to the watchman. However before this train of thought... Continue Reading →

Integrating Complexity and Simplicity.

Anyone can make things more complex. It takes a touch of genius to move in the opposite direction”. In this age of innovation, manufacturers are trying to cram in as much functionality as they can into anything that they make, thereby increasing the complexity exponentially. This article looks into striking a balance and ensuring that the need for a user manual is eliminated for good.

Mayhem. Disarray. Chaos. Bedlam. Pandemonium.

Do you crave for India to become a westernised nation and cringe when you realise that'll derail us from our traditional path? Do you desperately want to believe in something, but also, not want to refute the opposing idea? Confusing innit? If you have ever felt this inner turmoil, this article is a must read.

The Art of Manipulation.

Ever felt like the world goes by without you really mattering? Have your opinions been discarded without a second look and your ideas not taken into account? To make the changes that you desire, to leave an impact in this world, isn’t that what true power is? Take a look here to know more about the secrets behind manipulation and what it really is.

Stupid and Successful: A 21st Century Story.

The internet has never failed to ridicule and criticise stupidity. But it has also made some undeserving people famous for no apparent reason and these so-called celebrities mint money from their mockery. This robs the competent and deserving men of the praise they are due of. Here is a quick list of such people who attained celebrity status, fame and glory just by being delusional.

That Instinctive Twinkle.

Smile is an indispensable weapon in the crazy competition called life. A tool used to hide all other emotions. We do not wish to reveal our magnificent ploys to our enemies, hence , we smile . We do not want to portray our sadness to the world intimate to us, hence, we smile. A smile is what it takes to appreciate the marvels of life, not as a vicious equipment forcibly used but as a magical curve that brightens our faces during some rare moments, so inexplicably contagious yet so amusingly unobjectionable. Read on to relive those scarce tiny moments that may be unnoticeable yet make the other side of life endurable.

Celebrating Motherhood.

A mother’s love shapes cultures and individuals. The role of a mom in our lives is always different and precious than others involved in our life. This Mother's Day, Festember extends its small token of gratitude to the mothers all over the globe. We hereby release the poems dedicated to all the mothers who had been instrumental in shaping our careers in 3 different languages - English, Hindi and Tamil with a wish to bring a smile in the faces of those hardworking angels.

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