Life has ups and downs, twists and turns, sheer joys and utter sorrows. This bitter sweet journey is etched into the calendar, the window to every second, minute and hour of life.

My heart yearns for some joy
In the chaos we call life;
I muse and wonder if it’s all a ploy-
Every bit of sickness and strife.

Dark nights and gloomy days,
Unfair times when no one pays,
Soreness, bruises, disease and death
All gone but timid hope in the hearth.

But vivid rainbows, yellow shine;
Glistening waves and happy times
Loud laughter, new bonds – all combine
Creating moments cherished a million times!

I smell the fresh piece of paper
As I feel my anxiety taper
I cast a glance from side to side
The calendar does open doors quite wide!

 –  Abhinaya


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