Childhood Days

As we conquer and march through every chapter of our lives, there are certain golden moments that guide us through, offering a bubble of comfort and warmth that provides a shielding from the rough terrains of reality. It is always a delight to look back and reminisce those moments that made us who we are – from the days of our unending mischief to the point of inflexion where we matured and defined our aim in life – the paradise of childhood.

Memories of days gone by,
Can make us laugh, or make us cry,
Reminding us of days of praise,
Or bygone moments of sorrow and malaise.

Then comes to thought, a realm of happiness,
Which made us immune to the epidemic of sadness,
That followed pursuit as we grew up,
Like the climax of a musical mash-up.

The walls of nostalgia were built around childhood,
As we transgressed from there to adulthood,
As we tried to break them piece by piece,
We didn’t realize that we would rebuild it to one piece.

This transition, however it may have been,
Made us witness changes that were hitherto unseen,
Some of which influenced our thoughts in solitude,
Which we may or may not give our gratitude.

Dreams during childhood are as big as the Universe,
And surprisingly subtle like a lyric in free verse,
The plethora of necessities in life, though,
Hinders some to pursue their dreams without a go.

As time builds its insurmountable wall around our life,
We learn to cope with grief and strife,
A trait seldom seen in us during an earlier day,
When it seemed that happiness would stay.

As one revisits one’s childhood days of yore,
A question arises in the mind – what’s more sore?
The fact that we have been forsaken by childhood,
Or the fact that we have ‘progressed’ into adulthood?

Ah, if those bittersweet memories of childhood were to replay,
Many who think life’s dull and gray.
Would realize that there’s a golden realm,
Beyond all worldly things, which is truly innocence’s emblem.

-Ravi Ramesh


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