A Tribute to Her

She is a princess to her Father, And the apple of the eyes of her Mother.   Revel she does in being cared for, But all she yearns for, is the world, to conquer.   A world with unexplored options many, Where she isn’t expected to be all clingy.   In 2011, the United Nations... Continue Reading →


Stupid and Successful: A 21st Century Story.

The internet has never failed to ridicule and criticise stupidity. But it has also made some undeserving people famous for no apparent reason and these so-called celebrities mint money from their mockery. This robs the competent and deserving men of the praise they are due of. Here is a quick list of such people who attained celebrity status, fame and glory just by being delusional.


What’s the point of satire? “O’Cracy - D.E.M., beloved husband of T. Ruth, loving father of L.I. Bertie, brother of Faith, Hope, Justicia, expired on June 26.” – Obituary section, Times of India, June 28th 1975 You are probably wondering why this article begins with an obituary. What you just read is a cleverly worded... Continue Reading →

Humans need not apply

Do you think you are a special creative snowflake? Well, guess what, you’re not that special after all. The robots are coming for you. Creativity may seem magical, but it isn’t. The brain is probably the most complicated machine in the whole universe but that hasn’t stopped us from trying to simulate it. As you’re... Continue Reading →

2016 – A look back

2016 has been a year of many tales; some left us filled with warmth and happiness, while others made us trek through times of misery and despair. Yet another 365 days around the sun have gone by and we have all hopefully become better, wiser human beings off it. Here's a look back at some... Continue Reading →

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