A Tribute to Her

She is a princess to her Father, And the apple of the eyes of her Mother.   Revel she does in being cared for, But all she yearns for, is the world, to conquer.   A world with unexplored options many, Where she isn’t expected to be all clingy.   In 2011, the United Nations... Continue Reading →


The Art of Manipulation.

Ever felt like the world goes by without you really mattering? Have your opinions been discarded without a second look and your ideas not taken into account? To make the changes that you desire, to leave an impact in this world, isn’t that what true power is? Take a look here to know more about the secrets behind manipulation and what it really is.

Stupid and Successful: A 21st Century Story.

The internet has never failed to ridicule and criticise stupidity. But it has also made some undeserving people famous for no apparent reason and these so-called celebrities mint money from their mockery. This robs the competent and deserving men of the praise they are due of. Here is a quick list of such people who attained celebrity status, fame and glory just by being delusional.

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