Spiff the Spaceman, Susie Derkins and Snowmen: The Surreal Suburbia of Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin takes a pad of papers with a pencil in hand, and tells his dad that his campaigns for staying elected as Dad haven’t been yielding any results. He also ponders various existential crisis' as he and Hobbes hurtle themselves from the top of a hill into a lake. Not to mention he managed to sell Earth to some Extraterrestrial beings for cookies. “Lots of cookies”, he would grin. Welcome to the world of Calvin and Hobbes. The Rabbit hole awaits your coincidental stumble into it.


What’s the point of satire? “O’Cracy - D.E.M., beloved husband of T. Ruth, loving father of L.I. Bertie, brother of Faith, Hope, Justicia, expired on June 26.” – Obituary section, Times of India, June 28th 1975 You are probably wondering why this article begins with an obituary. What you just read is a cleverly worded... Continue Reading →

Blogs- An Outlook on life

"To blog, is to share and to connect, to create and to inspire" - Anonymous I believe that man was, and always will be a social animal, with the need to constantly express themselves. In fact, this takes precedence over many of our other needs. For example, Many people, on waking up, check their Facebook... Continue Reading →

Humans need not apply

Do you think you are a special creative snowflake? Well, guess what, you’re not that special after all. The robots are coming for you. Creativity may seem magical, but it isn’t. The brain is probably the most complicated machine in the whole universe but that hasn’t stopped us from trying to simulate it. As you’re... Continue Reading →

When reality is stranger than fiction

Count Dracula is perhaps the most well-known pop culture horror icon. From Bela Lugosi in the 1931 adaptation to the more recent Hotel Transylvania, the canine-tooth steely eyed Dracula has successfully horrified and captivated generations of audiences. But what if I told you that the personality that inspired Bram Stoker to create Dracula was orders... Continue Reading →

Language – Enjoy the essence of speaking.

Ever wondered how the concept of languages came into existance? How do different words and phrases weave themselves in and out of common vocabulary creating groups and families of languages? Read on to learn more about the history of languages and how different cultures were deeply influenced by languages.

Inside Out- The Path to One’s Personality

Every single person is unique and stands out as a distinct shade in the broad spectrum of colours. But wouldn’t it be intriguing to seive through the intricacies of the human anatomy to analyze certain aspects of a person’s nature? Read on to understand the nuances of the brain's functioning!

Hopes Anew

As the orange hue Shades the sky My thoughts, though few Grow wings and fly. This morning breeze Oh, breeze so fine You brush with ease This soul of mine. And this morning air Seeps into me Without a care My soul flies free. Dear new day I thank you so For each new way... Continue Reading →


Life has ups and downs, twists and turns, sheer joys and utter sorrows. This bitter sweet journey is etched into the calendar, the window to every second, minute and hour of life. My heart yearns for some joy In the chaos we call life; I muse and wonder if it's all a ploy- Every bit... Continue Reading →

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