The Maggot in the Apple – Part 5

I’m following a monster. He had just killed a human being, and is walking away like nothing happened. A boy who wouldn’t even dare to hurt an ant, had taken the life of a man, and doesn’t even care. I can’t believe I’m even following him. His placid bloodlust is so off-putting it makes me... Continue Reading →


The Maggot in the Apple – Part 4

The girl’s being dragged off to partake in suffering. Meanwhile, back in the little cell, something’s not right as the gears in the boy’s mind are changing slowly… Read on, and put yourself in those children’s shoes as they tackle the dilemma they’re in.

The Maggot in the Apple – Part 2

After coming back to square one, the boy’s pain continues. And to top it all off, he’s back with someone he never intended to see again. Read on as their relationship’s past unfolds just waiting to be explored.

The Maggot in the Apple – Part 1

He’s running for his life. He can’t take their ceaseless torture anymore, and decides to escape. He runs, he hides, he’ll do it all to never go back, back to that place. He cannot afford to land back in their hands of pain. He’s using all his strength on just one thing, running, running away to hopefully what might be a better life. He’s been lucky so far, but for how long will that last?

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