What better way is there to reminesce, than with a collection of poems. Bringing alive the spirit of festember one more time, we proudly present "Sunset".


Celebrating Motherhood.

A mother’s love shapes cultures and individuals. The role of a mom in our lives is always different and precious than others involved in our life. This Mother's Day, Festember extends its small token of gratitude to the mothers all over the globe. We hereby release the poems dedicated to all the mothers who had been instrumental in shaping our careers in 3 different languages - English, Hindi and Tamil with a wish to bring a smile in the faces of those hardworking angels.

Hopes Anew

As the orange hue Shades the sky My thoughts, though few Grow wings and fly. This morning breeze Oh, breeze so fine You brush with ease This soul of mine. And this morning air Seeps into me Without a care My soul flies free. Dear new day I thank you so For each new way... Continue Reading →


Life has ups and downs, twists and turns, sheer joys and utter sorrows. This bitter sweet journey is etched into the calendar, the window to every second, minute and hour of life. My heart yearns for some joy In the chaos we call life; I muse and wonder if it's all a ploy- Every bit... Continue Reading →

The End of Time

Looking back at life, before being smothered, By the ravages of time, which nobody bothered, To comprehend in the modern age, And express the exhibition of time so savage. Time was born of nothing, Why did it begin with space, nobody can tell, For why did time begin to swell, At a time when for... Continue Reading →

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